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This product has been specifically designed as anti fog protector for diving and swimming masks, although it’s also effective over any other glass surface (windscreen’s inside, bath mirrors, vision goggles, etc…).

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This pocket version (15 ml) incorporates a sponge that allows the precise dosing and so a great saving of the product. The sponge collaborates to eliminate the grease coating of the glass made because of the silicone gases after its vulcanization.

Due to its neutral pH (7.0) and its components null irritability, it’s perfect for surfaces used near the eyes. Its basis it’s only deionised water and it doesn’t have any kind of organic solvent (isopropyl or ethylic alcohol, glycol, etc.), because in diving conditions they could be evaporated and affect the ocular fluids and surface.

Applied correctly (following the use instructions) it creates a protector coat that avoids the condensation of micro drops over the surface where it has been used. Its low concentration in surfactants, with the silicone that incorporates, extends its effectiveness during 2 hours approximately (depending on conditions).

As it’s formulated, it’s the perfect combination between effectiveness and use safety, for diving and swimming activities.

15 ml container with measuring sponge.

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