Low volume, 2 Lens Mask. 

This ES125 Double Lens Mask is fitted with +2.0 magnification gauge reader lenses. Gauge reader lenses use a ground in half-moon shaped magnifier in the bottom of the lenses.

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The ES125 Double Lens Mask is a low volume, low profile mask that provides and excellent range of vision. The split lens design allows the frame to sit low on the face, and is sealed by a soft, premium quality double seal silicone skirt. A high-impact plastic frame and tempered glass lenses will provide years of quality service. Adjustable mask strap buckles give a more comfortable fit. Protective storage box included.

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  • Double silicone seal face skirt
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Flexible mask buckle
  • Gauge reader lenses fitted
  • Protective storage box
  • 7 oz (198.5 g)

A new mask with standard tempered glass lenses will need to be primed before the first use.�� Not priming the lenses of a new mask will result in excessive fogging, even with the use of a defog solution. ��The recommended method for priming the lenses of a new mask is by using a mild abrasive, such as non-gel toothpaste.�� Firmly rub the mild abrasive on the inside of the mask lenses with your finger, and then rinse.�� After lenses have been primed, any defog solution will prevent fogging.

NOTE:��Do not use this method on corrective lenses or gauge reader lenses.