Lightweight Compression Dry Bag 3 pack Yellow/Red/Blue


3 dry bags in different sizes and colors.

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�ۢ Protect your clothing and valuables from RAIN, SAND, DIRT, WATER and SNOW �ۢ Enjoy the pool, beach, team sports, boating, skiing, hunting, fishing, kayaking, golf and all your outdoor activities without worry
�ۢ The compression material allows the bags to be easily stored in pocket, backpack, handbag or glove compartment
�ۢ To close, align the top two edges, roll down tightly at least three times, secure by turning the buckle towards you and clicking it closed
�ۢ Dimensions: Large Bag (yellow) - 8.8L capacity, 14"h x 7" diameter (when closed), Medium Bag (red) - 4L capacity, 11"h x 7"w (when closed), Small Bag (blue) - 2L capacity, 7.5"h x 8.75"w (when closed).
�ۢ The dry bags are not intended for submersions, extended periods on top of water or for use as a floatation device. The success of the bags depend on proper closure and protection from sharp objects. Inspect the bags before each use for punctures or tears. Geckobrands is not responsible for damage caused to the contents of the bags.