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Trendy & Catchy leggings in our unique Weedy Sea Dragon inspired designs

In combo with rashguard makes an absolute must-have ocean outfit, to protect you from the sun rays, jellyfish stings, itchy plankton and do no harm to the reef, avoiding sunscreens.

Anatomic shape and wide high waist give high-performance support and allow feel super comfortable for all the land activities - diving, yogging, jogging, gymming, and jamming.

A streamlined side pocket for your treasures is a very thoughtful add.

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Our 100% recycled fabric OceanBalance™:

Recovered Ocean waste plastics and post consumer plastic bottles are collected and brought to an approved recycling facility. At the recycling facility the conversion process of turning waste into wearable fabric begins:

• A flotation and separation process separates the different types of plastics and in the case of bottles removes the caps and labels from the bottles, as they are made of plastics with different characteristics.
• The selected Polyethylene Terephthalate materials are then processed into flakes.
• After being washed the flakes are melted.
• Yarns are pulled from the melted polyester.
• The result is a clean, valuable, and recycled raw material perfect for the textile fabric production.
• The raw filament yarns are spun into yarn and ultimately woven into variety of different Oceanbalance fabrics.

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  • UPF 50+

  • 4-way stretch

  • Quick drying

  • High mechanical resistance

  • Made from ocean waste