With DIGI 2 Cressi proposes a high-precision instrument that provides data of interest to the diver. All this with very limited dimensions and costs.

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  •     Minimized size: box of 60 x 50 mm
  •     Impact-resistant ABS housing with thermoplastic rubber cover with integrated fixing ring
  •     Rectangular screen 45 x 27 mm luminescent with Bumpon protector against impacts and scratches.
  •     Large digits (10 x 5 mm main data) with segments separated by distribution lines
  •     Post-production battery saving system by means of magnet.
  • The intelligent box (patented) can be used to keep the DIGI 2 in latent energy saving mode and perform tasks such as changing units of measurement.
  •     Replacement of the battery by the user without the need for tools.
  • After changing the battery, DIGI 2 carries out a pressurisation self-test (patented) to ensure that it has been carried out correctly. Battery cover specifically designed to prevent incidents with two fastening clips and to provide easily replaceable parts (O-ring).
  •     Completely modular construction that allows, when the time comes, its repair
  •     Automatic switch-on when pressure is detected


Data supplied:

  •    Tank pressure with 3 digits (accuracy of 0.1 bar) between 0 and 340 bar
  •     Current depth with 1 decimal place
  •     Maximum depth of the current dive
  •     Maximum depth of the previous dive (when cylinder pressure is detected)
  •     Dive time
  •     Temperature
  •     Datum: Remaining time to reach reserve pressure (50 bar). Updated every 1 second according to the breathing rhythm of the moment.
  • Great autonomy: up to 700 dives in a year.
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You're reviewing: DIGI 2 - DIVE CENTER EDITION


Automatic activation with connection to the tank

- High contrast display

- Depth indicator 0-120 meters

- Tank pressure indicator 0-300 bar

- Water temperature indicator -10/+50 °C

- Residual gas autonomy in minutes indicator

- Gas reserve below 50 bar indicator

- Maximum depth of the last dive

- Autonomy up to 1000 hours in immersion

- Low battery indicator

- Self-diagnosis for battery change (patented)

- Dedicated smartbox that allows you to interact (patented)

- User-replaceable silicone protective shell

- Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.2 x 2.8 cm

- Weight: 122 gr