PSR-11-39-MD Oxygen Sensor


The PSR-11-39-MD Oxygen Sensor is the most commonly used oxygen sensor in the scuba industry, popular in both rebreathers and analyzers.

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The Analytical Industries (AI) PSR-11-39-MD, with a 3-pin Molex connector, is compatible with the Teledyne R-22D sensor and Maxtec MAX-305F sensor.

The Analytical brand PSR-11-39-MD is used in the Dive Rite O2ptima, Poseidon Se7en & Discovery VI, Hollis Prism2 & Explorer MK2, KISS Classic/GEM and upgraded KISS Sport, Hammerhead, Liberty, SubGravity and many other brands of rebreathers. The PSR-11-39-MD is NOT compatible with the ISC Megalodon or the Mares rEvo.

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  • Accuracy within +/- 2% of full scale
  • Response time is 6 seconds
  • Conformal coating
  • Temperature compensated
  • Hydrophobic membrane

When any new oxygen sensor is removed from the sealed package, it can take a while for it to acclimate and the millivolt output to stabilize. We recommend waiting as long as practical before calibrating your rebreather with a freshly opened sensor.