The Analytical Industries Oxygen Sensors are the most commonly used oxygen sensor in the scuba industry, popular in both rebreathers and analyzers.

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SKU PSR-11-39-MD1

The PSR-11-39-MD1 Oxygen Sensor is used for the Nuvair Quockstick and Pro 02 Analysers - as well as others.

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Accuracy within +/- 2% of full scale

Response time is 6 seconds

Conformal coating

Temperature compensated

Hydrophobic membrane

AI brand diving sensors ship with the documentation of a final pressure test for each sensor. The sensor is tested at approximately one ATA in air and 100% oxygen, then tested again at 1.8 ATA in oxygen, and the millivolt readings are recorded for all measurements. The results document that the cell is within specifications for current and linearity up to a PO2 exceeding 1.6 ATA. The dated test results are included in the package with each individual sensor.